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The Stanić family started producing raspberries in 1979. Numerous awards won in the production of raspberries, produced on plantations around the family home in Arilje, show that, even then, the name of the Stanić family is the embodiment of passion for the production of this fruit.

In addition to the production of raspberries, the Stanić family was engaged in the purchase of raspberries from the territory of Arilje. Absorbed by the increasing demand, the family took a bold step towards building the first factory in the spring of 2000 and also began to attract more private households as suppliers.

A future where both people and the planet can thrive

Responsible and sustainable distribution is at the heart of what we do. For more than 20 years, we have focused on sustainable products that are obtained from responsible sources. Frozen food also makes a significant contribution to reducing food waste, and our innovations are aimed at ensuring that our products remain as nutritious and fresh as when they were picked.

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Food safety while protecting people and the environment

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Sustainable development, rational use of natural resources, investment in advanced technological solutions in order to protect the environment, as well as responsibility towards future generations is one of our priorities.

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