Serbia is one of the most important producers and exporters of raspberries in the world. Raspberries from Serbia are characterized by a high percentage of dry matter, 8-14%, which speaks of multiple advantages in terms of quality, use and technological value of the fruit. Thanks to that, Malina became the national brand of Serbia.

Varieties: Willamette, Meeker.
Product types:
– Roland
– Bruh
– Griz
o Standard
o Yogurt
o Puree
– Block

Rollend quality – IQF, deep-frozen raspberry 95% whole fruits and 5% broken

Whole fruits, uniform color and ripeness, without extraneous admixtures of vegetative and mineral origin. Laser sorted. Product controlled for the presence of metals. Deep-frozen raspberry, without mold, traces of fermentation, damage, deformed fruit, damage from the sun and insects. Fruits of regular shape, uniform color, ripe, without leaves, clay, adequately laser sorted and controlled for the presence of metals.

Griz Crushed raspberry produced from healthy, ripe, unfermented, deep-frozen raspberries

Broken raspberry, produced from healthy, ripe, non-fermented, deep-frozen raspberries, without mold. Crushed fruits, purified by fluidization and controlled for the presence of metals.

Nutritional value of raspberries per 100 grams

Nutritional value 52 kCal
Proteins 1,20 g
Carbohydrates 11,94 g
Fibers 6,5 g
Fat 0,65 g
of which saturated 0,019 g
Cardboard box

200g, 400g, 5kg

Click-lock box

250 g

Cardboard box

10 – 20 kg

PE Bag

200 g – 2.5 kg

Plastic trays

150 – 500 g

Zip bag

350 – 750 g

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